Alkalinizing The Body With Calcium, Magnesium and MSM

Calcium is the body’s main alkalinizer. Your body uses calcium and other minerals to counteract acidity from our foods, drinks, and from toxins. A slightly alkaline state in the body contains more oxygen. An acidic state has depleted oxygen levels. Calcium is not going to alkalinize cancer cells and kill them. (Cesium may be able to do that as it is more alkalinizing.) Calcium and magnesium and other minerals are going to help the body deal with the excess acidity found outside cancerous tumors, to help prevent normal cells from turning cancerous.

Taking a highly absorbable calcium and magnesium supplement may help make the body more alkaline. The drawback with many calcium supplements is that they are not well absorbed. A couple that are: coral calcium supplement and a calcium magnesium fizzy drink.

Robert Barefoot has several books out detailing, among other things, the connection between cancer and alkalinity. The calcium product he promotes and recommends is coral calcium. The 74 minerals naturally present in coral are highly bioavailable because: 1.) Coral minerals are made organically, having been previously digested by an animal. 2.) Coral minerals have the inherent ability to go ionic upon contact with moisture. 3.) Coral minerals are in a natural balance with all of the minerals required to support each mineral in its designated role. 4.) Coral minerals are synergistic with the human body, so much so that orthopedic surgeons have used pieces of coral for bone grafts because the body may accept the coral as part of its natural structure.11d1

Coral Complex Coral Calcium is from above water coral calcium deposits. Harvesting it does not harm the coral reefs like the underwater suction-harvested coral calcium does, where the stirred up sediments can suffocate the coral. Acids and vitamin D are added to the product to increase absorption. These allow approximately 84% of the calcium to be ionized and available for absorption into the blood stream. (I have heard lately about research showing that Vitamin D on its own may be valuable for cancer.) One doctor suggests seriously ill patients double or triple up on coral calcium, depending on the severity of their illness.
Cal-Mag Fizz powder is formulated to make a no mixing required, fizzy (from baking soda) drink that uses the drink’s acidity and vitamin D to get a super high absorption level. 97%. It is sweetened with stevia so doesn’t put a lot of extra sugars into the body and has a 2 to 1 calcium magnesium ratio. The usual amount suggested, though I have heard a 1 to 1 magnesium to calcium ratio being touted as better.

If you have been taking a calcium supplement that contains little or no magnesium, or if you have been consuming plenty of milk products which have little magnesium, (8 parts calcium to 1 part magnesium) you may be deficient in magnesium, even if you supplement with it. Excess calcium depletes magnesium, and the excess calcium can cause heart malfunction, painful joints, calcification of organs, senility and weakened bones. 95% of Americans are deficient in magnesium even if they take some magnesium in supplements. They do not get enough, and it is not in the right form.
Magnesium deficiency can result in inability to sleep, fatigue, body tension, headaches, difficulties with the heart, PMS, muscle tension, backaches, and more. The best form of magnesium is a water soluble magnesium. It has the highest absorbability. Like Cal Mag Fizz. But if you are deficient in magnesium, you will need higher levels of magnesium to make up the difference.

The best solution to quickly increasing magnesium levels is to use Natural Calm. It is a specially developed magnesium powder developed by Peter Gillham, the world’s leading magnesium researcher. (Where I got most of this magnesium information.) It was the first water-soluble magnesium product, and is the only one using his special delivery system developed after 10 years of research. He suggests you only take it till the magnesium deficiency is eliminated. I cheat and mix it in with Cal Mag Fizz which mixes together very well. I don’t know if I have a magnesium deficiency, but I eat a lot of milk products so I probably do.
(Organic milk products are the only safe ones to use, especially if you have cancer. You need as few growth hormones as possible as they can stimulate cancer cell growth, and ordinary milk has plenty thanks to Monsanto. Antibiotics too, which disrupt the immune system.)
MSM.One MSM vendor reported receiving numerous testimonials of MSM helping with recovery from cancer. As with calcium, it is very alkalinizing, and in addition it is an excellent detoxifier. MSM is a penetrant and helps make cell walls more permeable so that more nutrients can get in and more toxins out. When you get it as a bag of powder, it is quite inexpensive. Making it well worth adding on to any cancer fighting regime.

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